Bristol Blue Handmade Glass

Bristol Blue Handmade Glass

Selected by Steve Baker

It was not until the second half of the 18th century that we saw the name of Bristol being written into the history books of glassmaking

It was during this period that coloured glasses became popular, particularly the blue glass, that subsequently got associated with the expression ‘Bristol Blue’.

Master Glassmaker Steve Baker has for many years been designing as well as making Bristol Blue Glass and supplying it to the Bristol and its surrounding areas and also shipping it further afield crossing sending it across to USA.

Steve had a chance visit to Silver Tree in the late part of 2015, he was so impressed with our workshop ethics surrounding the quality of our glass how we always ensuring the depth of colour and clarity of the glass is of a high standard, he believed that the two of us working together would supply a Bristol Blue second to none.

Our Bristol Blue is unmistakable, we have taken an iconic image of Bristol, those exquisite “Hot Air Balloons” which you often see floating above the Bristol Area, adopting their outline as our Logo, which is now etched into each piece of Blue Glass!

With an ever expanding range, we have selected a small selection of our more popular items shown here on our website, more can be found on our attached PDF Brochure, Just Click the Button to Down Load

*The Price shown here and in the PDF, do not include delivery,  therefore there will be a charge from £2.50 up to £12 for Postage, the amount will be linked to size and quantity ordered and this covers delivery within the UK, we can arrange delivery for outside of the UK, please contact us for a price.

To order or if you just need to ask a question please contact using one of the following methods

+44 (0)1458 211101

Base Swan

BBHG_Base Swan


Approx. Size 5cm by 8cm

Winged Swan

BBHG_Winged Swan


Approx. Size 7cm by 9cm

Small Curved Bowl

BBHG_Small Curved Bowl


Approx. Size 11cm by 10cm

Blown Heart Paperweight

BBHG_Blown Heart Paperweight


Approx. Size 10cm by 12cm

Square Decanter

BBHG_Square Decanter


Approx. Size 8cm by 26cm

Round Bowl

BBHG_Round Bowl


Approx. Size 18cm by 13cm

Blown Paperweight

BBHG_Blown Paperweight


Approx. Size 9cm by 3cm

Cocktail Glass

BBHG_Cocktail Glass


Approx. Size 12cm by 18cm

Large Hanky Bowl

BBHG_Large Hanky Bowl


Approx. Size 26cm by 14cm

Blue Bell Dish with Foot

BBHG_Blue Bell Dish Foot


Approx. Size 22cm by 13cm

Blue Bell Dish

BBHG_Blue Bell Dish


Approx. Size 22cm by 8cm

Blue Bell Bowl with Foot

BBHG_Blue Bell Bowl + Foot


Approx. Size 13cm by 15cm